Check if file within a zip archive and return apropriate GDAL path if so.

See GDAL documentation on reading files within a zip archive.


Modifies any archive filenames in the list to allow them to be opened using a GDAL virtual filesystem.

Parameters:filenames (list of str) – A list of filenames
Returns:The list of filenames passed in, with any supported archive prepended with the appropriate string.
Return type:list of str

Converts a path ending in .gz so that it can be opened with GDAL

Parameters:filepath (str) – Filepath ending in .gz
Returns:Filepath prepended with gzip virtual filesystem string
Return type:str

Takes in a zip filepath and if the zip contains files that can be opened with GDAL then the filepath will be converted so that it can be opened without extraction.

Parameters:filepath (str) – Filepath ending in .zip
Returns:A list of files prepended with the zip virtual filesystem string
Return type:list of str