Contains the GeolinkedViewers class.

class tuiview.geolinkedviewers.GeolinkedViewers(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Class that manages a collection of ViewerWindows that have their widgets geolinked.


signal emitted when a new viewer window is created

alias of ViewerWindow


remove any viewers that are no longer in the activelist


Call this to close all geolinked viewers


Connects the appropriate signals for the new viewer


Called at the start of the tiling operation. Default implementation just gets the size of the desktop. if overridden, return a QRect

static getViewerList(screen=None)[source]

Gets the list of current viewer windows from Qt. Pass in a screen to restrict to the viewers on that screen

newViewer(filename=None, stretch=None)[source]

Call this to create a new geolinked viewer. Returns the created ViewerWindow instance.


Called when a widget signals it has moved. Move all the other widgets. A GeolinkInfo object is passed. Sends the id() of the widget and uses this to not move the original widget


Called when the viewer starts a new query window


Called when the user requests a new window


Called when a widget signals the query point has moved. Notify the other widgets. A GeolinkInfo object is passed. Sends the id() of the widget and uses this not to notify the original widget

onTileWindows(nxside, nyside, screen)[source]

Called when the user wants the windows to be tiled


Reads viewer state from the fileobj and restores viewers


Calls removeQueryPoint on all the widgets

setActiveToolAll(tool, senderid)[source]

sets the specified tool as active on all the viewers

setQueryPointAll(senderid, easting, northing, color, size=None, cursor=None)[source]

Calls setQueryPoint on all the widgets


Gets the state of all the viewers (location, layers etc) as a json encoded string and write it to fileobj