Exception classes for use in Viewer

exception tuiview.viewererrors.AttributeTableTypeError[source]

Problem with the type of attribute

exception tuiview.viewererrors.ColorRampException[source]

The customised colour ramps file is not valid

exception tuiview.viewererrors.InvalidColorTable[source]

A color table was requested but does not exist

exception tuiview.viewererrors.InvalidDataset[source]

Dataset was invalid for some reason

exception tuiview.viewererrors.InvalidParameters[source]

Invalid parameters passed to function

exception tuiview.viewererrors.InvalidStretch[source]

The requested stretch is invalid

exception tuiview.viewererrors.ProjectionMismatch[source]

Projection for the dataset does not match that of the current viewer

exception tuiview.viewererrors.StatisticsError[source]

Unable to retrieve statistics

exception tuiview.viewererrors.TypeConversionError[source]

Problem with the type of the dataset

exception tuiview.viewererrors.UserExpressionError[source]

A problem was encountered in user supplies code

exception tuiview.viewererrors.UserExpressionSyntaxError[source]

Syntax error in user supplied code

exception tuiview.viewererrors.UserExpressionTypeError[source]

The result of user supplied code was the wrong type

exception tuiview.viewererrors.ViewerException[source]

Base class for all Viewer exceptions